Kinship Care is a program funded by a grant from Polk County De categorization. It serves families in Polk County who have had an open Iowa Department of Human Services case. The intention of the program is to provide support for families where a child has been placed in the home of someone considered 'kin'. 'Kin' is defined as anyone that can provide the child or children a safe home environment while a DHS case is opened or until the family environment is proven safe for the children to return to. 'Kin' might be a neighbor, minister, teacher or coach as well as extended family members. Foster parents and non-custodial parents are not eligible for support under Kinship Care.

When a child is placed in a 'kinship' home, it may be that the adult(s) in that home need some extra help to provide for that child short term while the DHS case is open. Support can be provided for a wide variety of items like paying a utility bill, purchasing a bed. All support is provided through the purchase of concrete goods and services. Families are helped in the order they apply until the grant's funds are exhausted each month.


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